If you are thinking of having your basement finished, you are possibly facing a crisis now whether to install a suspended ceiling or a drywall ceiling. Drywall can make your ceiling look finished and smooth. Other people believe that suspended ceilings appear institutional and cold, although, there are pros and cons to every kind of ceiling. Here are some of them in detail: 

Height of the ceiling 

This could be a problem, especially in basement renovation. Since drywall could be directly fastened to the main floor joists, you’ll miss 1 in. of the height of the ceiling if you set up drywall. Meanwhile, suspended ceilings need virtually 3 up to 6 in. of space beneath the floor joists, though other companies assert that their tiles need at least 2 in. of clearance. Regardless, they can lower your ceiling. 

Suspended ceilings enable access 

Suspended ceilings are definitely more advantageous to use since covering the electrical junction boxes using drywall is against the building code. Covering plumbing or junction boxes using a suspended ceiling isn’t against any building code because it is easy to access. 

Possible harm overhead 

The basement ceiling could be specifically a threat to water that comes from the main door provided that water flows downhill. A malfunctioning refrigerator, a backed-up toilet, or an overflowing sink could transmit a deluge of water onto the ceiling of your basement, which could stain it permanently. 

Acoustic properties 

Are you planning to have a television on your lower floor so that your kids can play videogames? If you directly attach drywall to the floor joist, they’ll have the extremely minimal blocking ability. Hence, the noise from your basement can be heard through your floor. You can opt to install drywall onto a durable channel intended to prevent the sound transfer or purchase special sound-blocking drywall, however, expect that you’ll be paying for an additional cost to your project. Also, they will lessen one benefit that drywall provides since they can lower your ceiling. Generally, suspended ceilings are manufactured from materials that absorb sounds, which minimizes sound transfer. Also, this can help prevent the sound from your basement to be heard on the main floor.  

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